West siberian laikas


West-siberian laikas


West siberian laika - pups - laïka de sibérie occidentale - chiots

Zverovatost R- litter

Borned  8th of may 7 pups, 2 males and 5 females
HD and eyes tested
Full good pedigree with Russian, Czech and Hungarian lines
Mother and father champion titles

There are still pups available

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The coverage between Argo and Purga was succesfull on the 7th of March, so 4 pups expected beginning of mai 2020

Kara Kitaj Purga

Kara-Kitaj Purga x

  • Youth Champion of the Netherlands
  • Junior world winner
  • Champion of France
  • Champion of the French club Nordic Spitz
  • Champion of the Netherlands
  • Swiss show champion
  • International show champion(to be confirmed)
    HD free, PRA free, cotation 4 club chien nordique, full pedigree

See show results for more info of Purga

argo 7 mars2020 


  • Czech junior Champion
  • 5 x CAC
  • 2 x CACIB
  • 2 x BOB
  • 3 x BOS
    HD free, PRA free


Pups 3 weeks 

Pups playing 2 3 wk


Pups playing 3wk

Pups sleeping 3wk

Pups together 3wk

We want to get out momWe want to get out 3wk

Female red

Red 3 wk

Female brown

brown 3wk

Male orange

Orange 3 wk

Male blue

Blue 3 wk

Female yellow

yellow 3 weeks

Female purple

Pürple 3 weeks

Female white 

White 3 wk

Pups 23 may(2 weeks)

All pups 2w kopie

Female red

Red7 2w kopie

Female brown

Brown6 2w kopie

Male orange

Orange2 2 wk kopie

Male blue 

Blue5 2w kopie

Female yellow

Yellow 4 2w kopie

Female purple

Purple2 2w kopie

Female white

White4 2wk kopie

Pups 20th of May eyes open(1,5 week)

Pürga 20 mai

Weighing Purple

Purple weight

Female Red

Rouge 20 mai

Female brown

brown 20 mai

Purga and male orange

Purga and orange 20 mai

Male orange

Orange 20 mai

Male blue

Blue 20 mai

Female yellow

Yellow 20 mai

Female Purple

Purple 20 mai

Female white

White 320 mai

Pups 15th of May(1 week old)

Male orange

Male orange 15th May

Male Blue

Male blue 15th May

Female redFemale Red 15th May

Female brown Female brown 15 May

Female yellowFemale yellow. 15 th May

Female purple

Female purple 15th May

Female white Female white 15th Mai

Pups 11th of may(4 days)

all 11 may


Blue and yellow 11 may

red and white 11 mai

Orange and blue 11 mai

Female Brown

Brown 11 mai

Male Orange

Orange 11 mai

Male bleu

Blue 11 mai

Female yellow

yellow 11 mai

Female white

White 11 mai

Female Purple

Purple 11 mai

Female Red

Red 11 mai
Pups 1 day old(8th of May)

Puppy orange: Male 1Puppy orange male 1 day 1

Puppy blue: Male 2

Puppy blue male 2 day 1

Puppy red: Female 1

puppy red female 1 day 1

Puppy brown: female 2

Puppy brown female 2 day 1

Puppy yellow: female 3

Puppy yellow female 3 day 1

Puppy purple: Female 4

Puppy purple female 4 day 1

Puppy white: Female 5

Puppy white female 5 day 1


I choose the name Rimski, because this was an famous Russian composer


In the russian language Ruslan means lion a nice name for a powerful male dog. 


In the russian language it means joy or happiness, so a nice name for a lively girl



Is a russian name for easy going or relaxed female


This means in russian friend



Rhea means flow in the russian language


Rufina is a name for a red haired girl in the russian language